ABFA USA, Inc. began in Bangladesh in 2006 seeking to find an end to the system of Dowry. Our efforts met many challenges that as a newcomer we were unable to overcome. Now, over ten years later, we are active again with a broader vision. 

Mission Statement

As an advocate for women and children in Bangladesh, ABFA USA, Inc. seeks to create streams of income through programs and projects. We also sponsor education assistance programs and provide counseling and outreach to those in need. ABFA USA, Inc. embodies its motto “A beacon of hope for women and children” by seeking new solutions for challenges facing women and children.

“War and Oppression have had devastating consequences on society.  Most notably, the freedom and well-being of women and innocent children caught in the midst dire situations.  ABFA USA, Inc. is reaching out to affected troubled communities affected to help provide essentials that they need to grow and reach their full potential.”

1 in every 113 people are displaced. Over half of those are children and women comprise most of the remaining half.

That’s over 65 million people globally who have been forcibly displaced by war, violence, and persecution.  In Bangladesh, that is the Rohingyas who have been forced from their own country to escape death and the news just keeps coming.

ABFA USA works with vulnerable and hard to reach communities to provide resources that hopefully will lead to a sustained solution for affected impoverished women and children.

Projects are currently under development, but include:

  • Sustainable Schools

    Education Assistance Programs

    Care for Children Programs

    Training and Counseling Programs

    Sustainable Development for Women & Children Programs

    Urgent Relief Programs