ABFA USA began in the US to assist inner city kids. With a wish to work with families in Bangladesh suffering due to illegal practice of dowry we began our journey here.

ABFA USA Bangladesh was founded in 2006 and is a registered NGO. It’s main partners include:

Ehsan Imdad – Ehsan Imdad has worked in private and governmental organization in Bangladesh. In the US he worked for corporate America’s Fortune 500 companies while he concurrently ran several philanthropic organizations. Prior to his return to Bangladesh, he founded Bangladesh Association of New York (BANY) in 1992 to assist new immigrants in multiple ways on their arrival in the US. Along with BANY he was actively involved in over 25 social and philanthropic organizations in the US.

Lori A. Walsh Imdad – Lori Imdad has been renown in Bangladesh for her work with expat organizations like Dhaka American Women’s Club and Dhaka Expat Club where they have sought to bring relief to women and children through donations raised from fundraising events. Last year, following the heinous attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan, she began her own company Muzikraft Eventivation. Over the last year she has organize many open market style bazaars to assist the organizations supporting destitute rural women and children.