Helping the Lost Women & Children

In 2005 ABFA USA began its journey in Bangladesh. Dowry eradication was its ultimate goal, today society has changed and while the system of DOWRY hasn’t yet disappeared ABFA USA has moved on to a more expanded view. That view is broader and includes the abandoned women and orphaned children of Bangladesh.

A few days I ran across this article by Jessica Mudditt that she published in 2012 on her blog. In it, she talks about the plight of sex workers and their children who are often neglected, abused or abandoned. She specifically refers to Durjoy Child Care Center that has lost its funding 2008 and finally shut down in 2010. This shutdown would have left a void for many of these children potentially, except for the advent of Hazera Begum.

“There are an estimated 200,000 sex workers in Bangladesh, and according to government figures, there are around 15,000 in Dhaka alone. Whilst it’s more difficult to estimate how many sex workers have children, conservative estimates in Dhaka place the figure at around 5,000.”

Afrose Jahan Chaity published this article in the Dhaka Tribune in May 2017 about the work of Hazera Begum and Shishuder Jonno Aamra, an organization born out of Durjoy. They are able to continue only due to the benevolent hearts of volunteers and private donors. Though they began their work in Savar they have since moved to Adarbar, Dhaka and now have a total of 35 kids.

“A joyous Hazera, surrounded by her children, is a very different person from the sex worker who went through some of the worst of life’s hardships.”

ABFA USA has begun a collection of clothes and toys that will be donated to them to hopefully help assist these kids striving for a better life. Check out our Facebook Page or Contact page to get involved.

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